Maternity photos. Pregnant Mother wearing a black lace dress, looking down at her hand on her belly.
Pregnant Mom standing in a field at sunset in Wisconsin. Maternity Photography by Molly Johnson Photography.
Maternity Photography at Menomonee Park in Lannon, WI
Maternity photography - new mom standing near a river looking down at her belly.
Maternity photo taken in a botanical garden. waukesha wisconsin
High key maternity photography. Pregnant women is wearing a black hat and a fitted black dress. high key photography
Pregnant mom wearing a formal wear light blue dress. Photography by Molly Johnson Photography.
Maternity photo with baby's dad in a park. Photo by Molly Johnson Photography in Waukesha WI.
Pregnant Mom doing yoga poses for a professional photo shoot.
Pregnant women is naked with a white/cream colored bed sheet covering her in an all white photo
Pregnant women standing in the shadow of lighting coming through a glass door. Professional photography by Molly Johnson


Outdoors, in-studio, or where you first caught site of the love of your life, you’ll never regret photos of this incredible time.

1-2 people

full gallery - $550

15 digitals - $350

5 digitals - $200


full gallery - $800

25 digitals - $650

10 digitals - $450

little sprout

maternity, in-studio newborn, sitter, one year

full galleries - $2700