For some (me), selecting outfits for a photo shoot can be downright stressful. Here are some simple tips to help make the process a little easier.

Black cat alley senior photo milwaukee wi

Be you

Number one tip in dressing for a photoshoot - be yourself! (This also applies to life in general) Don't try to be too trendy if that's not how you dress normally. Don't tame your style down if you lean toward the eccentric. If the setting matches your style, then there should be nothing to worry about.

family photo under willow tree

Keep it simple

When all else fails - keep it simple. Nothing wrong with sticking to one or two colors, just try to give some variety in the type - combining dresses/skirts and pants work well. When going with dark colors like black or navy, remember that dark colors tend to blend together, so add contrasting colors between people.

walking holding hands family photo in front of sunflowers

Earth tones

Love me some earth tones! Muted colors you find in nature photograph beautifully.

Overly bright colors can clash with certain surroundings and also cast that color onto skin.

Neutral color pictures of family on boardwalk


Having everyone wearing similar colors, but one person (or more if a larger group) having a pattern - perfection. Just don't get carried away with too many patterns.

earthy photo using texture  eagle wi


Think lace, ruffles, buttons, layers - anything that will add that little something extra.

boy with hat and teddy on white background


Spice up your look with an accessory. Hats, suspenders, bows, layers, photo friendly toy - these are all great options!