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It's been a good year

July 06, 2016  •  2 Comments

Well, it's been one year.


One year since I moved into this studio.

One year since I started this particular journey.

One year since the photography portion of my heart began to bloom.

One year.


This has been a year full of ups and downs, a year full of learning, and a year of humility.

(sick of hearing "year" yet?)

I have shot well over 60 studio sessions, numerous outdoor sessions and several weddings and folks, I sure ain't done yet! 

I have learned so much about the biz, life as a photographer and about myself.


Here is some insight into the mind of this photographer (and possibly most photographers)


  • I see the world in pictures
    • Everyday life, every scenario, driving down the road, sitting on the couch, whatever I am doing my mind automatically thinks "how could I make what I am seeing an amazing photo?"  or "that would be an awesome place to take pictures"
    • Nature maybe the most inspirational for me, the design of trees, the colors of wildflowers, anything.
  • I am never satisfied with just one shot
    • I take waaaay too many pictures of one thing.  This is both good and bad.
    • I need to be 'cut off' at a certain point or would continue to shoot all day.
  • I will do the silliest things to get 'the shot'
    • I see a rainbow and hike way out in a soaking wet farm field
    • I see a tree and trudge in the snowy mud in my slippers
    • Take my kids out in a blizzard because it's just so pretty
    • Oh boy, the things I do to get kids to laugh
  • I have very few photos of myself
  • My kids are starting to hate me
    • ok maybe not hate me, but I definitely hear a little grumble at even the mention of taking pictures of them
  • My days off I still take pictures and I stay up till the wee hours of the morning watching photography videos
  • A little piece of me dies every time I snap a picture with my phone
    • I desperately want to have my camera at my side every second of the day
  • Spend hours at work and I feel like I just got there, time really does fly when you're having fun
  • I have to realize I cannot please everyone
    • Trust me, I truly wish that I could-I'm a people pleaser
    • I can't book every single night and weekend.  (I have a family too)
    • Unfortunately, I need to charge for my services.  I have bills, I have spent a lot of time and money learning specific skills, and honestly how many services do you really think you can just get for free or discounted?
  • I absolutely love what I do. I still catch myself smiling when I walk into the studio, basically out of disbelief that I am living my dream.


This list could go on and on.

I realize to have a long way to go and so much to learn yet, just try and stop me ;-).




Great looking studio. Good luck with the upcoming year. :)
Mary Secora(non-registered)
I am soooo happy that you're living your dream! When we came to visit for Declan's 1 year shoot I couldn't stop thinking about how adorable your studio is and how it's in the perfect little town! Keep doing what you're doing! You know you can count on us to keep coming to you! :)
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